OAG Board Members

Craig Frohna / Founder & CEO

Bob Thomas / President

Marc Modic / Vice President

Roger Bortmann / Treasurer

 Helen Frohna / Recording Secretary



We are 273 members strong and we pray that number will increase. To be a member all you have to do is participate. Bowl in our event and solicit sponsors! Make a donation! Sponsor a bowler! No membership fees, no meetings to attend. Just know by participating in our giving program, you are a valued member. This is "your" foundation.

Talk up the One Act of Giving Foundation all year long. Tell people to visit our website and if they like what we are doing, tell them to participate. We all thank you in advance for your involvement in OAG.

OAG is here to collect money from many and return 100% of that money to local Wisconsin Veterans in need and very special Veteran organizations.