2018 Recipients

Our main reason for forming this foundation is to give back to our brave Veterans. 

Our Recipient Committee members meet, review, and discuss recommendations.
We look to God to guide us in this process.

The definition of Veteran, as defined by the government, is complicated, full of red tape, and is quite
the bureaucracy. Many Veterans fall through the cracks and qualify for little or no benefits at all. That
is where OAG comes in. Working with Wisconsin Veterans Network, we find out what is needed for a
Veteran and we follow through with helping in any way we can.

"100% of your donation is on its way to a Veteran."
We thank all of these Veterans for their service.

Homes for our Troops
Builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured
post 9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. 5 homes have been built in
Wisconsin to date with 1 breaking ground in Franklin, WI in 2019! We were able to
donate money that will go toward a specially equipped kitchen for this Veteran. We
are very proud to be able to help out with this project.


Staff Sergeant William D.  /  US Army  /  Assisted with rent payment.
William lost his benefits with the VA because of an office error. Great! He got behind in his rent.
We took care of that and relieved some of his financial pressure.


Corporal Rochelle L.  /  US Army  /  Assisted with Energy payment.
Rochelle had heart surgery and missed a few energy payments. She is
doing well and will be going back to work soon.


Fisher House Wisconsin
Support & Comfort for Military & Veterans' families, at
no cost, while their loved one receives care. Contributions from individuals, foundations, and
businesses, help sustain the Fisher House.


Corporal Rebecca H.  /  US Army  /  Assisted with rent payment.
Corporal Rebecca is on medical leave from work and is having financial difficulties.
We pray this money will ease some of the pressure she is under.


Staff Sergeant Alan H.  /  US Army  /  Aided with a business start up.
We were able to purchase items needed, and pay all Federal and State fees, to enable Alan to start
his own 501c3 charity business. Alan is now aiding other Veterans (at no charge) with receiving
 benefits and getting them housing. A 10 year Veteran himself, he knows the difficulties involved
getting Veterans back ontheir feet, and he simplifies this process for many Veterans.


Stars and Stripes Honor Flight Wisconsin
Flying WWII, Korean, and Vietnam
war Veterans to Washington, DC to visit their memorials. Flights are funded by donations
from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other groups who wish to be an important
part of honoring these hero's.


Corporal Thomas W.  /  US Marine Corps  /  Purchased 2 months of phone cards.
Corporal Thomas is looking for work and so having a working phone is imperative. 


Private First Class Stephen B.  /  US Army  /  Purchased grocery gift card.
Private Stephan has had to make some difficult choices with limited resources.
He's paying his rent but he goes hungry to often.
OAG helped him out for awhile. We pray things turn around for him.


Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce
Providing resources for Veterans to start their own business, bringing  together
community leaders and community support, to ensure their success.


Lance Corporal Anthony W  /  US Marine  /  Purchased 1 month of groceries.
His benefits do not start until mid July 2018 so we helped him out until then.


Staff Sergeant Andrew M  /  US Army  /  Purchased 6 weeks of groceries.
His benefits do not start until August 1st 2018. At least he'll have groceries until then

Missouri's National Veterans Memorial
Paying tribute to all of our service men and women
and their families and provide an environment for peaceful reflection,
with an exact replication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C.
Names of 1,157 Wisconsin Veterans are on this wall.


Sergeant Anthony P  /  US Army  /  Purchased 1 month of groceries.
His benefits do not start until mid July 2018. He was very grateful for OAG's help.


Staff Sergeant Alan B.  /  US Army  / Helped with rent payment.
Alan had to make a decision, to purchase a back brace after surgery,
that his insurance didn't cover, or pay his rent. He went for the much
needed back brace. When we found out, we took care of 2 months
 rent for him so he wouldn't have to worry how and when he would
be able to catch up on his rent.


Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin
We house homeless Veterans while supplying them with all the tools
needed to break the cycle of homelessness and help them to once
again become productive members of society.


For All The Right Reasons
Helping homeless and unemployed Veterans.
Veterans' needs never stop. Neither should our appreciation and generosity.
Contact John Petek at John@HwaTwa.com


Custom Canine Service Dog Academy
CCSDA raises, trains, and places service dogs with Military Veterans and others
with disabilities, free of charge. OAG happily supports their efforts.


Christmas with the Vets
OAG was able to help with a donation for the 31st annual Christmas with the Vets
Holiday Show held at the Zablocki VA Medical Center. Wishing our brave Veterans
a Very Merry Christmas!!


We pray for all our Veterans.