OAG works exclusively with the Wisconsin Veterans Network to help individual Veterans. Why? Well, OAG raises money for our Veterans and returns 100% of that money to these Veterans. Ya, 100%. So when we give to Veterans charities, it is more than likely they will take a percentage for administration costs, like wages, office supplies, advertising etc. I get it, but if we're giving 100% to help a Veteran, it would be great if the Veteran could receive that 100%. And that is what Wisconsin Veterans Network agreed to do for us.

VetsNet is founded and run by Veterans. Our VA in Milwaukee gets good marks and reviews, but there are still many barriers to receiving help. VetsNet cuts through the red tape and bureaucracy and eliminates any Catch-22s. VetsNet provides employment placement, legal assistance, personal & family counseling, and substance, financial and benefit counseling. Quentin Hatfield is the Executive Director and he runs a very professional organization.

OAG will help with gas cards, grocery cards, rent, energy assistance, clothing, and home repair, just to name a few areas of assistance we will provide. OAG is proud to be working side by side with these brave Veterans. They simply and professionally run an outstanding operation!